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“Innovators and Integrators of Advanced Sensing Solutions for Critical Applications”

BEI PSSC as featured on Manufacturing Marvels®

BEI Precision Systems & Space Company – Optical Encoder Inventors & Innovators

BEI Precision Systems & Space Company, Inc. (BEI PSSC) designs and manufactures highly accurate optical encoders, flight worthy accelerometers, infrared optical scanners and encoder-based motion control systems for military, space, aviation, and range instrumentation markets. At BEI PSSC, our 60+ years of expertise allows us to offer a stable of sensing solutions that we can configure for your exact needs. Our capabilities enable us to meet demanding requirements for high accuracy, resolution, environmental durability, and high reliability. As a military and aerospace supplier of hardware, our quality and reliability capabilities are second to none. Over 90% of all optical encoders currently flying in space are BEI PSSC encoders.


Our design engineering team is ready to work with you, forming a strategic partnership, developing the sensing solution suited to your application-specific need from our large array of product offerings.

Optical Encoders
GCC-40 14GSXP3

BEI PSSC optical encoders are available in a variety of configurations including shafted, hollow shaft…
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Servo Accelerometer 4311A

AT BEI PSSC, we manufacture flight worthy pivot and jewel force balance linear…
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Optical Scanners

BEI PSSC mission critical rotary and dither optical scanners are used to enhance night vision…
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Custom Space Instruments
Nano Series - AIME

BEI PSSC has a long, historical pedigree for designing, developing, and manufacturing custom…
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BEI PSSC optical encoders, encoders, accelerometers, scanners, and custom space instruments are designed for use in a variety of applications, providing accurate, reliable, and cost-effective solutions year after year.

Contact us to learn more about BEI PSSC, our products, and our solutions for your next encoder, accelerometer, or optical scanner requirement. Click here.