Encoders, Accelerometers, Optical Scanners, and Custom Space Instrumentation for Military, Space and Aviation Applications

BEI Precision provides application-based motion control components and sub-system solutions for military, aviation, space, range tracking, and scientific programs. BEI Precision has continuously manufactured optical encoders and custom space instrumentation for motion control systems for over 60 years.

We have participated in space flight and military programs from the very beginning of our history, and have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in the most demanding applications.

We have the talent and experience to design motion systems for nearly any environment. Our position instruments and systems are in use all over the world in satellites, missiles, planes, helicopters, ships, land vehicles, telescope and tracking mounts, as well as high-end industrial applications. BEI Precision maintains the highest standards for quality, manufacturing, ISO controls, in-house environmental testing, and tailored test plans.

Recent technological advances include optical encoders that deliver not only rotary position but also Radial and Tangential position reporting. These encoders deliver never before available information to the customer that aids installation, system integration, and on-orbit monitoring of spindle bearing run-out trends for the life of the mission.

We recognize that our products are only as good as the quality and value they provide; therefore, our quality and manufacturing systems are being continuously improved to provide the best value to you, our customers.  At BEI Precision, we continue to grow through a dedication to quality, technology, innovation, and quick adaptation to changing market conditions.

J.F. Lehman & Company (“JFLCO”) acquired BEI Precision Systems & Space Company, Inc. (“BEI PSSC”) in April 2017. JFLCO is a leading middle-market private equity investment firm headquartered in New York and focused primarily on the aerospace, defense, and maritime sectors. The firm was founded by John Lehman, Secretary of the United States Navy under President Reagan.