BEI Precision’s Aviation Applications Heritage

BEI Precision’s flight worthy accelerometers, position products, and scanners survive extreme environments and provide the utmost in accuracy. Designed, manufactured, and tested to meet demanding MTBF characteristics, BEI Precision devices provide the utmost in performance and reliability.

Radar Positioning

  • Global Hawk

Model Number

  • µS15/16LCUSX-4

Flight Control & Vibration Monitoring

  • Black Hawk Helicopter
  • F-15 Fighter
  • F-16 Fighter
  • T-50 Golden Eagle
  • Bell Helicopter

Model Number

  • 4384A-2-PA63A
  • 4311A-12-P50, 5520-2, 4851A-10-P4
  • 4311-A-12-P75
  • 5520-02A, 4851A-10-P4
  • 4384A-3-P70

IR Scanner

  • Joint Strike Fighter

Model Number

  • SPC40-03A1
  • SPC30-3000

Visible Scanner

  • Marine F-18

Model Number

  • ATARS Encoder/Motor