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Position Sensing, Acceleration Sensing, Infrared Optical Scanners & Custom Space Motion Control Instruments

BEI Precision designs and manufactures sensors, scanners, and custom space instruments for a wide variety of applications; providing accurate and reliable solutions year-after-year. Our experience enables us to offer a family of optical measurement devices and accelerometers to meet specific and unique measurement requirements. Our design engineering team is ready to work with you, forming a strategic partnership to develop the sensing solution that is suited to your application specific need.


Optical Encoders
GCC-40 14GSXP3

BEI Precision optical encoders are available in a variety of configurations including shafted, hollow shaft, incremental…
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Servo Accelerometer 4311A

AT BEI Precision, we manufacture flight worthy pivot and jewel force balance linear accelerometers and rate…
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Optical Scanners

BEI Precision mission critical rotary and dither optical scanners are used to enhance night vision systems field of view, and can…
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Custom Space Instruments
Nano Series - AIME

BEI Precision has a long, historical pedigree for designing, developing, and manufacturing custom position sensing…
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In addition to our custom designs, BEI Precision offers a range of standard products that may be suitable for your requirements.