Custom Space Instruments

ARA Platform – Space Rated Encoder

ARA Space Nanoseries

Best accuracy rotary optical encoder above the planet. The code disk is configurable in size to fit different applications. This absolute position sensor can integrate into almost any pointing/positioning assembly. It incorporates radiation-tolerant electronics. ARA offers in situ auto-calibration to minimize bearing and mounting errors and allows performance verification on orbit. Click here to view product data sheet.

Custom Space Instruments

BEI PSSC has a long history of designing, developing, and manufacturing custom position sensing instruments with the highest reliability and quality. Our engineering team works in concert with each customer’s unique set of specifications and design parameters to insure that rigorous performance, reliability, and quality demands are met. When failure is not an option, BEI PSSC is the solution.

  • Encoders
  • Encoder/Motors – Actuators
    • 3-Phase BLDC Motor
    • 2-Phase BLDC Motor
    • Limited Angle Motor
    • Voice Coil Actuator
  • Complete Servo Systems

For custom designed products to meet your exacting requirements, please contact us at: or call: (501) 851-4000 for additional information.